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Dec 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
actually have a choice and have skin in the game. big problemsf the with the health-care system is we go to the doctor and we have no incentive to shop, no incentive to see what the costs are. as long as your a corporation and paying the bills and you do not see that bill, that is the way it will remain. no intelligence at the decision point. >> right. there is none whatsoever. >> or self-interest. >> right. we have taken away the market, so to could use very much solve this problem. we have completely taken out of the equation. i guess my problem with obamacare, the more i understand now, is it is dishonest. i mean we are taking young healthy people, and making them buy plants with stuff and then they do not need to subsidize people with pre-- conditions and older people. >> and if you do that, the system will not work. >> i am ok if you want to stand -- tax stand and say we are taxing you to support people with pre-existing conditions and sick people. i am not ok with messing up all this marketing and making me have maternity and all kinds of stuff in there as some kind of hidden schem
Dec 3, 2013 12:00am PST
will shower them and its american funding will shower them with education and health-care systems and road systems. and everything else, bombard them with kindness, goodness, health and hope. i don't know how you end up hating someone who does that. if i can get saul to manipulate the fictionalized version of the middle east, the israeli and palestinian people to somehow, you know, both the united states and all israel to shores with gaza and west bank with aid, education and kindness, i would find it interested to see who will get angry about that in the other side n the fictional world a if it could go not real world, look, man, great presidents read shakespeare for ideas. they read imson, they raid the classics. the classics come from people, just people like our writers, just people like you and me. >> do you wish you could have this conversation with the in the. >> i'm hoping he's watching! >> rose: he might be. he might be. >> of course i wish it. of course i wish it. to me it's a thrill that i am in a piece that's actually watched by presidents. this-- this is a piece that both clin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)